Our family wants to get a new pet.  We're not dog people...wish we were...but we're not...so that's out of the question.  We have 2 cats.  Whom we love and adore like our own children.  We're looking for something unique and different.

I had a cockatiel as a child.  He was my first pet, ever.  His name was Webster.  He was a Christmas present...that my mom found on the roof of the hospital.  We saved him from the cold.  I would love to have another one.  They are easy to maintain and super friendly if raised properly.  I think a cockatiel would make a great edition to our family.

Baby cockatiel
courtesy of Facebook

However, hedgehogs are quite sweet too.  Obviously, different care than what a bird would require.  I've been doing my research on them and they seem to be a good pet.  All of my kids are older...no small children...so it would be easily handled.

So the dilemma...cockatiel or hedgehog.  We are almost contemplating getting both because we are so torn.

If you  have experience with either...comment below or on our Facebook

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