If they are here, already, I don't know about it!  I found myself thinking...'What would make Maine more fun?'  Feels like we have the same 'ol same 'ol stuff every year.  So, I came up with a list of fun festivals see around the world...that would be PERFECT in Maine.  Maybe if one gets enough votes, a planning board (hint hint: Townsquare Media) will take it into consideration. 

Grilled Cheese & Beer Festival
Lobstah grilled cheese!!
Massive City Street Waterslide
FtLaudGirl, Thinkstock
Spring Mud Festival
Paul Brasil for Taste of Country
  • Adult Only Water Gun Fight:  Everyone brings their own water gun.  Yup, I'm gonna go there and say there would even be a 'Wet Tshirt Contest'.  Beer.  Food.  Music.  But most importantly...NO KIDS trying to take our water guns!
  • Allen's Coffee Brandy Festival

    Vote for your favorite suggestion!