You'll hear of stories of 'paying it forward', where someone might buy a coffee for somebody behind them in line, or pay the toll for the car next in line. That's usually thought of a good thing, however, in Florida, a tollbooth worker was fired for paying a driver's $5 toll.

77-year-old Vladislav Samsonov was fired from his job working at a Florida tollbooth after his supervisors asked him to take a reduced role when they found out he paid a driver's $5 toll out of his own pocket.

Samsonov declined the offer to scale back his workload and was fired from his position.

Samsonov had been a tollbooth worker at the Boca Grande Causeway for 29 years and news of his firing has sparked a backlash on social media.

People have gone on Facebook to share their stories of how Samsonov gave their children lollipops and their dogs bones when going through the toll plaza.

Samsonov plans to move on to doing volunteer work and he says he might not even accept his job back if it were offered to him.

His family is looking into pursuing legal action if they determine laws were broken.

The Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority has had no comment on the firing.

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