Calling all college drinking buddies! Natural Light is looking for a paid summer intern!

Never been a star student? Don't have great references? No experience? NO PROBLEM!

According to the job posting, some of the qualifications include you being able to spell, being confident, having basic meme making skills, and just being cool.

Can you imagine a Mainer in this position? I envision some guy named Rob wearing a tattered UMaine sweatshirt over some flannel, shorts and boat shoes, half-lit attending an MLB game to promote the beer and yelling, "YANKEES SUCK" the entire time, even though they're not even playing. He'll regularly tweet about how "Natty Light's a wicked friggin good beer, guy! Cheap too!" And challenging folks to a game of quarters or beer pong.

Does this sound like you? Check out the recruitment video below, and if you're at least 21, apply here before May 19th!

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