It’s called "Elimination Communication", which refers to a method of potty training children diaper-free. It’s a way to save money from buying diapers and it also helps in the over-stuffing of landfills and keeps babies from developing diaper rash. The idea of EC is to train children to go potty, in the potty, sink and toilet; behind parked cars, wherever and whenever the child has to go, while never wearing a diaper.

EC parents make a hissing sound to encourage their children to go potty because they say over time the child will associate the hissing with the fact it’s time to go. The parents have to be able to read the signs of their children when they have to go, but that is not always easy and another hard part is getting their clothes off in time for them to go.

This week, April 21 -27th is diaper-free week to bring attention to EC and improve the dialog among parents to give it a try. A lot of parents do admit when they first gave EC a try they got peed and pooped on a lot, but over time they can determine when their child has to go and rush them to a potty, toilet, bush or even a Tupperware container, so the child can go.