You can't make it up... believe me, I wish I could.

Let's start at the beginning.

Last night after getting home from a late-night work event, I gathered up clothes, snacks, and some miscellaneous items because after work today, I'm headed off to the Fryeburg Fair to camp out for the weekend. I made sure everything was ready to hit the road as soon as the morning show ended.

It was wishful thinking...

This morning I woke up, got dressed, and made my way to my already warmed-up car (thank you, remote starter, I appreciate you) to notice several of my dashboard indicator lights were on. Thinking it was just a glitch, I put my car in reserve and started to back down my long driveway.

Kristi Marie / TSM

Here is where the story goes haywire...

Out of nowhere, I heard something rustling around in the trunk of my car. Now any sane person would have immediately exited the vehicle. I'm not normal, apparently because I slowly put my car in park, picked up my phone, and video chatted with my husband at 4 am to make sure if I was going to get murdered that I had a witness that could provide a statement.

Side note: Clearly, I'm the girl brainless girl that runs towards danger in scary movies, oh, and I watch way too many true crime stories... Who knew...

As my husband is still on facetime, I looked into my back seat to notice chips crumbs strewn everywhere as well as chunks of my leather seats... Yes, you read that right. Whatever found its way inside of my car got stuck in my back seat and chewed its' way in or out, but not before it ate a bag of chips...

Kristi Marie/TSM
Kristi Marie/TSM

Thankfully I didn't end up seeing the delightful creature that left this mess, the silver lining of my morning. However, the remainder of my Friday will be dealing with our insurance agent and the fantastic service department at Charlie's so they can get my Fancyyy girl back to new.

I hope your Friday started better than mine.

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