Have you ever received a parking ticket you didn't think you should've?  Honestly, you didn't KNOW you couldn't park there, right? Yet, there it is, flapping in wind, a parking violation. Day ruined. Acadia Park is trying something new by offering violators a second chance.

Instead of fining cars who enter the park without a pass, Park rangers are now handing out notices offering the opportunity to pay for the weekly pass within 24 hours, for the regular price of $25. If the fee is not paid within that time, they will face the usual $130 fine.

“While not displaying entrance pass is a violation, we are offering visitors to Acadia National Park a second chance to obtain an entrance pass rather than pay a more costly fine,” said Superintendent Kevin Schneider. “This effort follows several years of providing increased education to visitors and installing signs throughout the park that indicate the requirement to display an entrance pass.”



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