There are many lists as to what are the funniest movies of all time. Comedy, of course, is in the ‘ear’ of the beholder, but this list compiled by LoveFilm, a London-based streaming and DVD subscription company took a different angle on how to determine the funniest movies.

They gathered a panel of their members and took note on how many laughs or giggles per minute a film had. They took films length, divided by laughs, and came up with the top 10. (LPM is Laughs Per Minute)

10. Life of Brian-1.2 LPM

9. Shaun of the Dead-1.3 LPM

8. Bridesmaids-1.4 LPM

7. American Pie-1.5 LPM

6. Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgandy-1.6 LPM

5. Borat-1.7 LPM

4. Superbad- 1.9 LPM

3. Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad-2.3 LPM

2. The Hangover-2.4 LPM

1. Airplane-3 LPM