Talk about holding a grudge. A childhood friend of actress Mila Kunis is suing here over a pet chicken. Kristina Karo says 25 years ago she and Kunis were best friends, inseparable, together all the time.

Karo claims Kunis would come to her house and play with her pet chicken ‘Doggie’, until one day the chicken disappeared. She says Mila became envious of the pet chicken and one day it was gone.

Karo claims in her suit that Kunis even admitted to taking the chicken and told Kunis she could have any other chicken as a pet because she had a farm full. Karo claims the loss of the chicken sent her into therapy.

Kunis, of course, moved to Hollywood and became a star, something Karo tried to do, but because of Kunis stealing her chicken she was unable to have success.(so she says) She is suing for $5,000 for emotional distress and therapy costs.


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