Hollywood Stars With and Without Makeup
It’s always interesting to see Hollywood stars with and without their makeup on. Some of these stars look really good without makeup, on the other hand, some…ehh…not so good.
Actress Mila Kunis Sued Over a Chicken
Talk about holding a grudge. A childhood friend of actress Mila Kunis is suing here over a pet chicken. Kristina Karo says 25 years ago she and Kunis were best friends, inseparable, together all the time.
Stars We Lost This Year
With the resent passing of Leonard Nimoy at the age of 83, it started me thinking about who we lost in 2014 and the early part of 2015. Some names on the list you may know and some you may not.
Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2 Coming Soon
It’s been almost 30 years since Tom Cruise stared in ‘Top Gun as Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell. Top Gun 2 is getting close to becoming a reality with Cruise back again as its star.

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