Getty Images, photo by William Thomas Cain
Getty Images, photo by William Thomas Cain

Starting to get ready for summer in Maine and part of that is seeing air conditioners on sale. On hot, muggy summer day in Maine all you can say is 'thank goodness for air conditioning'.

Thank goodness for Willis Carrier who invented the modern air conditioning system in 1902. He was waiting for a train in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when he saw a fog rolling across the platform and thought if he could draw air through a fine spray of water and create fog, he could control its temperature. By 1903 he had created the world’s first air conditioning system.

The Gillette Razor Company and American Tobacco Company had Carrier’ air conditioners installed in their plants in 1915, but the company it helped the most was candy and sweet manufacturers. The candy could now stay cool and not melt. Carrier is given credit for revolutionizing the candy industry.

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