Just click your heels three times and say "there's no place like home, there's no place like home" If only that would really work. Now imagine the horror of just finding out that the airline you have tickets for, either to, or from Iceland has just shut down. No warning, no messages, nothing!  Well, that just happened! How fitting is the name "WOW"

The airline Wow air, known for cheap flights to and from Iceland from the US and Europe has collapsed, leaving passengers stranded after all flights were cancelled. Social Media has been buzzing all morning with so many people in shock and the airline advising passengers to search for flights elsewhere.

The Good news is if you are in Iceland or somewhere else that WOW Air flew to and from, other airlines may offer a discounted “rescue fare” in light of the current situation. Also if you bought a ticket with a credit card, you could contact your credit card company to ask about getting a refund.

If you know someone that may be caught up in this mess, you can get updated information through the Icelandic Transport AuthorityKeflavík Airport or WOW Air.

Also, CNN has been providing continuing coverage as new twists unfold.

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