'America's Got Talent' will wrap up season eight tonight with the crowning of their latest winner, who will win one million dollars and a year-long headlining show in Las Vegas. Also, tonight on the results show, country music will be represented with performances by Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan. Let's take a look back at the top six.1. Jimmy Rose: A country singer from Kentucky. Jimmy is very humble and likeable. He sang an original song called ' Coal Keeps The Lights On' and the Garth Brooks classic 'The Dance'. As much as I like Jimmy, I don't think he has much of a chance of winning this season.

2. Kenichi Ebina: It's just amazing and kind of tough to describe what Kenichi does. It's a mixture of martial arts, illusion, dance and it all adds up to be flat out wicked cool. He has to be the favorite to win.

3. Cami Bradley: A talented young singer that will completely rework an original song and make it her own, oh and she can sing really well! Last night she sang 'Do You Believe In Love' by Cher and 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' from the Beatles. She is very talented and likeable, I predict that she will finish 4th.

4. Collins Key: A very poised 17-year-old that makes magic young and hip. He performed twice last night. One was a card trick and the second trick also involved cards, hash tags, youtube videos and much more. He's very good but not 100% polished. I see him finishing 5th or 6th.

5. Forte: A group of three young men that sing opera. Their voices blend well and are very powerful. They are good but I just don't think they have the likeability factor and will finish 3rd, maybe as high as 2nd.

6. Taylor Williamson: Comic, think Big Bang Theory meets Bob Newhart. Dorky, dead-pan humor. I think he's very funny. A comic has never won 'America's Got Talent' but Taylor has a chance. I think he'll finish in second. He certainly will have a career after this show. SNL needs to sign him.

So you have seen all six, who do you think should win?