A few weeks ago, during Buzz and Kristi in the Morning, Buzz and I talked about the differences in some liquors and why certain stores can sell Fireball nips even though they don't have a liquor license.

Apparently, there is a difference.

I would never have known; I just assumed all Fireball was, Ummm, Fireball. Haha. Little did I know that there is a huge difference. There is Fireball Cinnamon, and then there is Fireball Whiskey. After finding out there was a difference in these two items, which is why stores without a liquor license can sell them, we were curious if they tasted the same.

We decided to put our very own Cooper Fox on the job of giving us a blind taste test to see if we could tell which was which. Not only did he grab both Fireball options, but he also decided to have us blind taste test Chadwick's Reapers Revenge which is also a cinnamon whiskey.

Check out the video below to see how we did.


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