The shock of Elvis Presley passing away 25 years ago on August 16, 1977 sent the whole world in to disbelief. Since then, the Elvis Presley estate has been making more money each year than Elvis made when he was
alive. Whether the item to be auctioned off September 8th will bring in the kind of cash that’s expected is yet to be seen, but what an item it is.

Unwashed and rather soiled Elvis Presley underwear will go
on the auction block at a Presley pop memorabilia sale in Stockport, Greater
Manchester in the United Kingdom. The stained underwear, front and back, are
from the estate of Vernon Presley, Elvis’ father. The undies come framed for
display and are expected to bring in about $16,000. The auction will be
web-broadcasted by Omega Auctions on their web site.

The tighty whiteys were worn by Elvis in 1977 to take away
panty lines from his famous white jump suit. If the soiled underwear is out of
your price range other items will be up for auction. Some home videos and
well-annotated bible that belonged to Elvis will be for sale. Considering a
lock of Elvis’ hair sold for $4,000 at a Beverly Hills auction not too long
ago, the asking price for the dirty underwear should be met.

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