To say my morning started off odd would be an understatement. Needing a pick me up I pulled into the drive thru to get a breakfast sandwich and a drink. After getting the food, I asked about my drink the woman at the window gave me a bit of an attitude. After she grabbed it she handed it to me with an attitude saying, "It's right here".

Now, i'm not going to say where I stopped because that is irrelevant. What I am going to say is, I feel bad for that woman. I'm going to admit at first I was ready to put her on blast, but I thought about it. I have no idea what that woman is going through at home. She could be going through a breakup, a family member could be sick, heck, SHE could be sick.

We live in a culture where we are expected to stop being human the second we clock in to work. I know i've had to put on a fake smile at work when the world is on my mind. Heck there are times where I don't want anyone to talk to me, and when you're a radio dj, that is a really tough spot to be in.

So to the person at the drive thru window, I hope everything in your life is okay, and if it's not, I hope it gets better or you have someone to talk to.

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