Saturday was the Kennebec Valley Capital Y Tri, and B 98.5 had a few participants/teams on hand, me being one of them. Seeing as I'm a terrible swimmer, (I sink faster than a mafia snitch with a cinder block attached) the idea of doing a tri has always been out of reach. Plus, after being hit by a car a few years back, my running game has been next to zero. However, in the same vein as Chris Janson's Fix A Drink "but I can ride a bike!"

I took part in the 11 mile cycling segment, and felt a few eye daggers in my direction as if I was a ringer of some sort. Naaaah, but it was great to average over 18mph for the duration. I emptied the tank for the team and spent a few minutes catching my breath after dismount. As a fan of humid conditions, the weather was perfect. The rain added a challenge, especially on the wood bridge in Hallowell.

After it was all said in done, the event was a great success, and a good time was had by all!




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