Season 12 of American Idol is down to the top ten, after tonight, they'll be down to the top nine. Last night the top ten, sang songs that past American Idol winners either sang during the show or had sung after winning the show. Here's my quick recap of their performances last night.The night started off great with no Nicki Minaj! Ryan Seacrest explained that she was caught in traffic, she only missed the first singer of the night. That singer was Curtis Finch Jr., he sang 'I Believe' and he was pretty good, but I don't see him winning.

Janelle Arthur sang 'Gone' by Montgomery Gentry, she reminds me of Kellie Pickler, only not quite as good a singer.

Devin Velez sang 'Temporary Home' by Carrie Underwood. I thought he did a good job, all of the judges, except for Nicki, did not like it.

Angie Miller sang 'I Surrender' and she has a shot to win the whole thing. The judges loved her, with Mariah Carey calling it 'stellar'.

Paul Jolley sang Lonestar's 'Amazed' and I always liked Paul's tone and while he sang it well, he didn't really push those high notes in the song.

Candice Glover was next and she wowed me and the audience with 'I Who Have Nothing'. She's a powerhouse!

Lazaro Arbos, nice kid, great story, but not that great of a singer. He performed 'Breakaway' by Kelly Clarkson and he just  didn't have the power in his voice to pull it off.

Kree Harrison then sang the Roy Orbison classic, 'Crying'.Kree's my personal favorite of the top ten. She has a rich, soulful tone, much like Trisha Yearwood.

Burnell Taylor was next and he sang a song I didn't know, 'Flying Without Wings'. He's a good singer but I thought he struggled at times, the judges disagreed with me and loved it.

The show wrapped up with Amber Holcomb and her performance of Kelly Clarkson's 'A Moment Like This'. I think Amber has star quality written all over her, she has a strong voice and is very 'now'. The judges all praised her.

So, who will the bottom three be? If it was up to me the bottom three would be: Lazaro, Curtis and Janelle. With Lazaro leaving.

This is what I think will happen. The bottom three will be Paul, Curtis and Janelle, with Curtis leaving.

Who did you like, who didn't you like?