Hollywood Week and Group Round is filled with drama, some contestants crack under the pressure and some standout. The 106 contestants left take the stage in groups of 3 or 4, Jennifer Lopez warning them that at least half of them will be cut.The hour-long show felt extremely rushed and we only saw a small part of what took place.

From what we saw, some of the standouts included:

Casey Thrasher
Dexter Roberts
Ben Briley
George Lovett
Neco Starr
Spencer Lloyd
Caleb Johnson
Paula Hunt
Briana Oakley
Kenzie Hall

It looks like we could see one more show from the group rounds before the final auditions and final cuts happen to get to the top 30.

In a surprise, Tiquila Wilson, decided to quit the show, stating that gospel music is her true calling.

Again, there were no signs of some of my early favorites, which makes me think they have been cut and I missed it. They include: Tessa Kate and Paisley Van Patten.

Which contestants have stood out in your eyes?

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