Thursday, December 6th will be a day I remember. It was the night that I was finally going to be the ring announcer for the Pro Wrestling Experience at the Fairfield Community Center. I arrived a couple of hours prior to the doors opening and you could feel the excitement in the air.

The promoter and wrestler in the show, Champ Matthews, gathered all of the wrestlers, announcers, sound guy and everyone involved in the show to outline the night. It was kind of an organized frenzy of last minute things to go over before the doors opened to the public. The doors opened and at least 200 people filled the arena. There was a pre-match before the regular card started around 7:25pm. Damian Main, the ring announcer for the main event, announced me to the ring, I entered the ring to the music of Chattahoochee by Alan Jackson! I walked to the ring and I was more excited than nervous and I really got into it! I announced the first match of the night and the show was underway.

The show featured great wrestlers including, 'Hollywood Superstar' Shawn Ricker, Matt Taven, Luke Robinson, WWE Hall-Of-Fame Wrestler, Tony Atlas, former WWE Superstar Jimmy Wang Yang and Champion Mike Bennett and his finance Maria!

One of my favorite parts of the night was after the show when Heather Giroux of Benton and her three children, Zachary, Caige and Mykenna went backstage and got Jimmy Wang Yang's autograph. The show lasted until just after 10 and it seemed like the crowd had a blast! I know I did and I look forward to doing this again!

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