This year, we're giving you the chance at $10,000 with Pro Football Pick 'Em. Think it's too late to join in? Afraid you'll be stuck in the basement for the remainder of the season? Well, let's just say you're going to have a hard time staying in the back, as long as I'm around. You see, in week 1, I didn't pick a single game correctly.

Not. A. Single. Game. I am The Jets of the station.

I can understand getting the Pats-Chiefs wrong, and many of us did. Okay, that's one game. Surely I would knock a few out on Sunday, right? Nope, goose egg. Admittedly, I haven't paid much attention to the NFL's preseason, or watched any of the talking head round-table shows as a cheat sheet. There's also the slight chance that it wasn't properly submitted. Any other excuses? After consulting with our Digital Manager, I was actually that bad. Wow, what a wake-up call. The embarrassment is borderline hilarious. Too bad I couldn't use T-Rex as a helper. That ship has sailed.

So, join up! What's the worst that could happen? You miss on every game? Take a number.

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