If you haven't been to downtown Augusta recently, specifically commercial street, you probably haven't had a chance to see the brand new mural. The Augusta Downtown Alliance teamed up with Smart Eye Care, who was gracious enough to sponsor this amazing mural.

This EYE catching (SEE what I did there?) mural was painted by nationally known artist Kris Markovich. Kris found his art style at a very young age and also seemed to have a desire to focus on eyes and faces in general. If you ever make it to the west coast, you can find Markovich's  unique style of art work on multiple buildings in southern California.

As a way to celebrate Augusta's new mural, Smart Eye Care is holding a contest.  Anyone in the community is encouraged to join in on the fun. All you'll need to do is head on down to Commercial Street and check out this new mural.  While you are there, see how many Augusta, Eye, Smart Eye Care, or Downtown references you can find. From words, to whole phrases, or maybe even a number or two, there is way more to this mural then meets the eye.

After you find all that your little eyes can find, email your list of references to mural@smarteyecare.com, by July 10th, for a chance to win $500 gift certificate to Smart Eye Care and $500 in gift certificates to multiple downtown businesses.



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In honor of the new mural on Commercial Street our friends and mural sponsors at Smart Eye...

Posted by Augusta Downtown Alliance on Monday, June 15, 2020



Here are a few hints to get you started. GOOD LUCK!

Hint 1: Kris drew inspiration for his colors from things right here in Augusta! For the bold, primary colors, the muralist was inspired by five colorful buildings on Water Street. What colors did he use? Bonus if you include the names of businesses (if any) within these buildings.
Hint 2: For the lighter pastels, Kris was inspired after viewing a printed artwork in Huiskamer Coffeehouse. Where in the coffee shop can that print be found?
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