The Augusta School Department is conducting a survey to determine the preference of Augusta residence regarding the school department offering schools hybrid vs. remote learning.

"On August 5th, the School Board supported a framework that included a hybrid model for in-person learning and an option for all remote learning."



They are planning to start school in the hybrid model. Something that is different from past years, according to the Facebook page:

"Students will be assigned to a cohort. One cohort will be attending school in person Mondays and Thursdays and one cohort will be attending school in person Tuesdays and Fridays. Students will be assigned learning opportunities on the days they are not in school."

The Augusta school department wants families to know they will have the option for their children who are registered in the district to either attend with the hybrid model or do remote learning and not attend school in person.

The August school department is taking into account, each family may have different needs and they would like to accommodate as many families and students as possible.

One of the best ways the department feels to get a better grasp on what families prefer is by surveying families to determine which option they are choosing for their child.

The request is to complete one form per student, not per family, that attends Augusta Schools. The Augusta school departments wants you to know that this is not a final decision but a tool to assist the school staff as to assigning specific students to the appropriate cohort.

The Augusta school department requests that familes complete the survey by Wednesday, August 12th, at 3 PM.

Here are links to the survey:

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