Aunt Gin's restaurant in Whitefield first opened on Augusta 10th of 2015, and over the past five years, they haven't let the locals down. Aunt Gin's has brought some of the most delicious homemade lunches, dinners, and the occasional dessert to what we like to call the middle of nowhere. You laugh, but I think there might be more cattle in Whitefield then people.

Aunt Gin's is the type of establishment that listens to their customers and always like to try the next new thing. We've seen them start an all you can eat Sunday morning breakfast buffet that makes the best-personalized omelets and pancakes right in front of you. They learned to shift, modify, and adapt when the coronavirus pandemic hit. They switched from dine-in, to take out, and eventually even added outdoor dining.

Well, friends, it looks like Aunt Gin's is adding even more to their menu, according to Aunt Gin's Facebook page they are getting an ICE CREAM AND TAKEOUT WINDOW!


We're open! Now until 8pm. Lots of lobster! Dine in or out, or takeout. 549-4600. OUR ICE CREAM AND TAKEOUT WINDOW...

Posted by Aunt Gin's on Sunday, June 28, 2020


We're talking sundaes, ice cream cones, and shakes. They will be offering both hard and soft-serve options and 20 different flavors. So if you're looking for something fun and local, to do keep you busy this Summer, stop in and check out all the new sweet treats they have to offer.


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