They say you wrote the pages of your story...and I can assure you...the Goldbergs would say this page wrote itself.  NewsCenter Maine's, Lee Goldberg, and his wife, Karen received a surprise of a lifetime when their 7th baby chose to dash his way into the world on July 28th.  

Lil baby Finn couldn't wait a minute longer to make his grand appearance.  Daddy pulled up to the doors at Maine Medical Center.  As mumma tried to get out of the car, it was apparent there was no more time to wait.  With one foot in the car and one foot on the sidewalk...and the help of an off duty nurse...Karen delivered her 7th child at 7:28am.

Baby Finn Goldberg 10lbs 3oz.
Baby Finn Goldberg 10lbs 3oz.

There are so many amazing things about this about this story.  Born on 7/28 at 7:28, this day is also the day of baby Finn's late grandfather...who is his namesake.  Without a doubt...there is no way you can make this stuff up.

Welcome to the world baby Finn.  With 6 siblings ahead of you, you're already proving you will be heard.  '

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