Today (July 14th) is National Mac And Cheese Day. First off, could there be a more poorly placed holiday? First, who wants a hot dish on a mid July day? Second, Mac and Cheese is an autumn/winter type of comfort food to be baked in an oven, or cooked in a crock pot/dutch oven. Microwaving milk, water and powdered cheese is simply irresponsible in a food gif world. Celebrating National Mac and Cheese day with boxed M&C is the equivalent of making Icehouse the official beer of National Beer Day. Do it better.

It also could save your life.

The Environmental Health Strategy Center is among the members of a coalition that had 30 cheese products tested, from sliced and shredded to 10 major brands of mac and cheese. Executive Director Mike Belliveau says phthalates were detected in all mac ‘n cheese powders. “The phthalate levels in the mac and cheese were more than four times higher than any other cheese product.”

This is why I propose National Mac and Cheese Day to be moved to October 15th. A chill in the air, peak leaf peeping opportunities, and the Patriots against The Jets. Plus, you're more likely to prepare your dish the proper way. NO ONE brings boxed Mac and Cheese to a Patriots party, unless you plan on rooting for the Jets. Yeah, Jets fans seem like the boxed Mac and Cheese type.




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