It seems like there is a Facebook group for everything. If you’re into classic cars? There’s a group for that. Recipes for gluten free options? Yep. How about diabetes support groups? Check. And several choices are available if you love dogs like me.  These groups are even more valuable now as we deal with the pandemic. Still. Almost a year later.

My wife belongs to a group dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog. Topics include what to feed my dog, my dog is itchy - help! And they share stories and pictures of their beloved canines.

It’s been a great place to find advice about the best brush to use on your dog that based on the amount of shedding should be bald now. Or the best way to calm a dog when it’s storming. They share the joys, triumphs and tears.

This week they lost a local celebrity in their community. He was a rescue who had totally shut down while at the shelter but once adopted bloomed into a dog with personality plus. He wore bow ties on his frequent outings and chose a stuffy or purse to take with him during these trips. He spread smiles and laughter in this sometimes difficult world. As a community they loved him and his antics. And as a community they mourned. They stood in solidarity with his devastated owner offering condolences and comfort.

These community’s will never replace your local groups that used to gather in person. But they do offer that piece missing in many lives since we’ve been encouraged to stay at home. Community is important to all of us even if it’s not quite what it used to be.

Find your community.

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