If you were involved in a "Blueberry Catastrophe" at the Food City grocery store in Livermore Falls, Maine, it looks like you may have a secret admirer.

According to a post on the Missed Connections section of Maine's Craigslist, someone is looking for the person they encountered at Food City in Livermore Falls.

We don't know when the incident happened, but we do know the post went up on the website on Thursday, January 13th, 2022.

The post says:

If ever a chance to do the right thing and get to say hi at the same time, that was it. Total fail on my part, all around. You were intimidatingly beautiful and I may have just made things worse, which is the lame excuse running through my head.

We give the person bonus points for pulling out the word "intimidatingly".  No, seriously, we don't even realize that was a real word.  Apparently, it is.

So, was it you?  If it was, regardless of whether or not you want to hang out with (or start a relationship with) the person who made the post, we REALLY want to know what the "blueberry catastrophe" entailed.

Did you both briefly touch hands as you reached for the same package of blueberries?  Did you have problems finding the blueberries? Did someone dump blueberries all over the floor of the store?  Yeah, that HAS been known to happen to some people.

So, what was it?  Let us know by sending us a message through our app or on Facebook.

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