If you have spent much time in Boothbay Harbor, there is a good chance that you fell in love with the quaint, seaside, community.  I call it quaint, but let's be honest, the town is a hub for that part of the coast.  Amazing restaurants, great bars, cool shops, and more!  And, when we're not dealing with the pandemic, Harbor Fest is over a week of non-stop fun!

How would you like a chance to be a permanent part of the town's history?  According to the Boothbay Register, you can be!

Before too long, construction will begin on the Eastside Waterfront Park.  The park, which will be located at the former location of the Cap'n Fish Waterfront Inn on Atlantic Avenue, will feature space for walking / hanging out and public water access.

Here's where you, and your love of Boothbay Harbor, come in.  Like any community beautification project, the construction and upkeep of the park will take money.  One of the ways they are raising money is by selling bricks.

The 4 X 8" bricks cost $50 (a tax deductible donation) and have enough room for three lines of text with up to 20 characters per line.  What a cool way to honor a loved one, celebrate your love, or promote how awesome you are!  The deadline for getting your brick is April 15th, so don't wait!

Get all the details HERE

What a cool way to leave a permanent mark on Boothbay Harbor.

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