That's right!  And, now it's time to reveal our results.

Buzz and I have talked about Ancestry DNA for months and months, probably almost as long as we've been co-hosts. I think it's safe to say that we both have been curious to really learn more about our lineage as well as our genetic ethnicity. I had already done the test and pretty much knew my results, but they frequently change, so I was excited to see what had changed.

If you're unfamiliar with Ancestry DNA, it is a company that offers you details about your genetic ethnicity estimates. You purchase a DNA kit, and they send you everything you need to use to submit a saliva sample. Once you have your sample of saliva, you then send it to the address provided, and within a few weeks, you receive your results via email.

I can honestly say I wasn't super shocked at my results, but Buzz did get a little surprise that he wasn't expecting. Check out the video below to see our results, and have a good laugh!


Have you taken the Ancestry DNA test? If so, let us know through our app what your results were.


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