Wait, Buzz and Kristi are eating again?


It's no secret if you've been around long enough, you know darn well that one of mine and Buzz's favorite things to do is eat. We are both foodies at heart and adventurous ones at that, wait let's be real he's usually a little more adventurous than I am but I am working on it.

As a way to broaden my food horizons, I like to pick up random items, some that may sound delicious and some... well maybe not so much.

This morning's Taste test Tuesday, except welp it's Thursday was Candy Pop Popcorn. Now, what is Candy Pop Popcorn? Well, it's popcorn with candy pieces mixed in. We decided to give the Sour Patch Kids popcorn a try and it went better than either of us were expecting.

Have you seen any odd or intriguing food items while you're out and about shopping? Curious if it's tasty to trash?  Let us know and we will try it, so you don't have to!

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