Camp Out Hunger 2020 - The need is always great. According to the Salvation Army the need this year is the greatest it has ever been. The pandemic has amplified the need for the very basic items needed in life such as food. Food insecurity is at an all time high.

It's one thing to know that it is there but, as a community it is how we come together and address it that really matters. That is the very basis for Camp Out Hunger. Using the power of radio to connect our community.

Thank you for joining us as a community to help fight hunger here in central Maine.

Camp Out Hunger 2020 - Day 1

Camp Out Hunger 2020 - Day 1 got off to a very chilly and snowy start. If nothing else it help set the mood for the task ahead, fighting hunger is no easy feat. We realized long ago it's all about getting people together to help and lighten the load. Each donation has a story, has a purpose, has a meaning. So many are touched by hunger, let's face it it is one of the most basic of needs and there is truly no reason that someone in central Maine should go hungry.

Thanks you all so much for your support. We will on scene, camping out, ready to take your donation 24/7 thru Saturday. As our parkas change to shorts with the Maine weather, we thank you all in advance for your donations, your stories, and your love for out community.

Together...we got this!  Let's see what day two brings us!

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