It's never easy to be in pain yourself, and it's even harder when a pet or family member is the one in pain. In ways, our animals become part of who we are and really are just another one or maybe our only kids.

So, who is Princess Chloe?

Princess Chloe is a mighty little chihuahua, and she really needs your help. Chloe and her owner Katie were hit by a car over the weekend, leaving them both in rough shape. Thankfully Katie is on her way to recovery, but little Chloe wasn't so lucky. During the accident, Chloe's pelvis suffered multiple fractures.

Due to the extent of her injuries, Chloe needs a very costly orthopedic surgery that is estimated to cost $6590, with the potential of being more. Unfortunately, the surgeon is not willing to do the surgery without the full payment upfront.

If you're able to financially help Princess Chloe get the surgery she so badly needs, you can do so by donating to her gofundme page HERE.

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