Sometimes, it feels like Maine is turning into the Wild West.  When I was a kid, I don't remember ever hearing about a bank robbery happening in the state of Maine.  Now, it seems like it is happening almost weekly.

Over the last few months, two Camden National Bank branches in Central Maine have been robbed.  So far, the person (or people) who robbed those banks is still on the loose.

That's not the bank robber we're talking about today, though.  We have to step back about two years for what is probably the most notorious Maine bank robber in recent history.

According to the FBI, they are still searching for a bank robber they have dubbed the "Thirsty Bandit".  And as we all know, you've really made it as a criminal when you get a nickname.

A post on the FBI website explains that just before 9 AM on June 26, 2021, the "Thirsty Bandit" entered the Maine Savings Federal Credit Union on Main Street in Corinth.  He allegedly showed the teller a firearm in his waistband.  He demanded the tellers empty the drawers.  He put the money in a bag, then left the business.

The FBI post describes him as being a white male who is approximately 5’8” tall, weighs approximately 130-150 pounds, and has a slender build.  The alleged robber wore a dark baseball cap, sunglasses, a dark-colored face mask, a blue button-down shirt over a t-shirt, khaki pants, and blue medical gloves.

Check out this security camera footage of the incident.

Why is he nicknamed the "Thirsty Bandit"?  He was reportedly seen taking a drink from a cooler just before entering the credit union.

There is a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

He is considered armed and dangerous, and should not be approached.  Instead, call 911, call the Maine State Police at 207.973.3700, or report a tip to the FBI HERE.

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