Getty Images, photo by Dana Romanoff
Getty Images, photo by Dana Romanoff

Jezebel the cat is a hero after being credited with saving the lives of her family and several other people at the Whispering Pines Cottages in Estes Park, Colorado. The devastating floods that have hit that area were approaching when the Thompson River overflowed and people in the cottages were in danger of being swept away. Jezebel the cat to the rescue!

As the family and other guests slept, the waters of the flooded river came closer and Jezebel knew something was wrong so she yowled and batted her owner in the face until he woke-up. Realizing the danger, the owner ran from the cottage and alerted other guests of the impending danger. Just in time, too. Within minutes three of the cottages were swept away and three others turned on their sides. Had it not been for Jezebel, none of the occupants would have known of danger and may not have made it out safe.

Jezebel’s owner says because of her heroics, she will be treated like a queen the rest of her life.

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