Stupid Challenge

2016 Morning Buzz Moments
McCoy and I have a lot of fun on the air...and off!  To our amusement, many of these kodak moments are recorded.  It's always fun to look back at the stupid...literally stoooopid...stuff that we've rallied together and do.  Great memories!
Morning Buzz Stupid Challenge
Bobbing for apples was always a game I played during Halloween parties when I was younger.  You don't see it too much anymore.  Probably due to the fact it's just plain germ infested.  To my amusement, I found this fun alternative on Pinterest...
Another Stupid Challenge
There are no words for what you are about to experience.  This is funny x 10.  After seeing actress Melissa McCarthy be challenged to do this on TV...Sarah was determined to make this happen as a Stupid Challenge!  She succeeded.  WARNING:  GO PEE FIRST!
The Egg Challenge
McCoy & Dyer have decided to take on stupid challenges that go viral on the internet.  Some are crazy.  Some are funny.  Some are yummy.  But each week, they take on one more.  This week, they do the "Egg Challenge"
Stupid Challenge
'Spoon Frog' was recently suggested to McCoy & Dyer as a stupid challenge.  It didn't disappoint and was really in fact a stupid challenge.  Cups flew.  Spoons flew.  Nobody was a winner in this hilarious challenge.  Bravo to Kelsey from Winslow on thi…
Pantyhose Bowling
I really can't wait until we can start doing a 'Brilliant" challenge video.  Brilliant ideas like making gift bags out of wrapping paper or putting a sock on the end of you swiffer sweeper.  No, McCoy & I do it stupid.  We put pantyhose on our heads and try …
Another Stupid Challenge
Stupid challenge issued...stupid challenge accepted.  This week, we were dared to do the jelly bean challenge by my daughter, Emma.  Well, actually she's been begging for quite some time for us to do it.  Well, we finally decided to go for it.

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