Recently, Buzz and I discussed different brands of bottled water and if each really has it's own distinctive taste.

Buzz says he can't taste a difference because water is water and it all tastes the same. He just prefers his water ice cold. For me, it's different.  I can really tell the difference and do not like certain brands of water. Now, I have nothing against these brands or companies, its all about the taste they provide that I'm not a fan of.

We decided that we would put it to the test to see if I'm what Buzz likes to call a "Water Snob". I purchased 6 different brands, Poland Springs, Aquafina, Fiji, Members Mark (Sam's club brand), Smart Water and last and least on my favorites list Dasani. Buzz labeled the tester cups and filled them, with me in another room so there was absolutely no way to rig this test of ours.

Now its time to find out just how well I did at distinctively telling each brand apart from the rest..



Kristi's bottled water taste test

Posted by B98.5, Central Maine's Country on Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Well, that didn't go as planned but I was still able to point out the few water brands that I'm really not a fan of.

Are you a Bottled Water snob? And can you tell the difference of brands when put side by side?

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