Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, makers of disgusting tasting Jelly Beans called Bean Boozled, have added two new flavors. ‘Spoiled Milk’ and ‘Dead Fish’.

Jelly Belly has been making Bean Boozled flavors since 2007, gross flavored jelly beans like: Moldy Cheese, Barf, Booger, Stinky Socks and more. There is even a game to play with the awful tasting jelly beans, the Bean Boozled Challenge.

The idea of the game is to randomly sample the disgusting flavors and see if you can identify what they taste like.

McCoy and Dyer on the B98.5 Morning Buzz did this challenge as part of our ‘Stupid Challenges’ and I will say it was GROSS!

Watch the Bean Boozled Stupid Challenge with the Morning Buzz here: