With strict social distancing guidelines still in place, it seems like much of our everyday lives have come to a grinding halt. Everything from going to work to seeing a movie to eating at our favorite restaurant- all on hold amid coronavirus concerns.

Well, did anyone stop to think about how the kids who are having their birthdays come and go while in quarantine must be feeling? Actually, yes, someone did!

The other morning I got invited to a new Facebook group that in a normal situation would have seemed super-weird. It's called Central Maine Kids Quarantine Birthdays and its organizers want your child to have a fun and memorable birthday.

According to a post by group administrator, Noelle Sullivan,

This group is to help our community arrange Drive by, Kids Birthday shout outs for children experiencing a birthday during this Pandemic. Its every kids worst nightmare to have a birthday where no one could show up. We will not let that happen, Please drop a comment with what area you are in and we can arrange some shout outs by your home!

If you have or know of a Central Maine kid with an upcoming birthday just join the group by clicking here and submit the necessary information. And who knows, you might see one of our radio station vehicles out having some fun with this, too!

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