According to an article in the Lewiston Sun Journal, a letter sent home to parents on Tuesday explained that a kindergartener at Montello Elementary School was injured by a razor that was hidden in "putty",  The incident reportedly happened on Friday.

The unidentified student was treated by school staff and required no further care.  After the child was treated, teachers went looking for the cause of the injury.  The teacher determined the injury was caused by a shaving razor that had been placed in a jar of putty that the students used for play and as a "calming tool".

Following the discovery, teachers performed a search of the classrooms and found no other similar items.

Now comes the difficult part for teachers and school administrators - trying to determine how the razor came to be in the putty.  The school's faculty continues to investigate the incident.

In the letter, which went out to parents on Tuesday, Principal Jim Cliffe said:

As we try to find the source of the razor, we will be observant and vigilant.  Your children's safety is our priority."

We will update this story as more information becomes available...

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