Yeah, I'm that sappy.

When I asked him what country song reminds him of us he whipped out a list so fast it made my head spin!

You've heard a few but there are some I bet you have NEVER heard!





The first song is the first song he ever played me as we rode around in his, now defunct, Jimmy on our way to a concert in Lewiston. He said "Whenever I hear this song, I think of you." We had been dating about 2 months. David Lee Murphy's 'Might Be Me' makes me tear up each time I hear it now.

The next song is the song that we most identify with. We are both musical and Keith Urban got it right when he wrote "Without You' for Nicole Kidman.

On our vacation in Myrtle Beach, we sang this song together. He had his arms wrapped around me and he looked at me like I was the only person in the world. He IS my Honeybee! Blake Shelton definitely made the list!

When he wrote this one...I smiled. And then I smiled bigger. And then I laughed. It was so cute! The playful Easton Corbin song 'Lovin' You Is Fun' shows his fun side!

This song...when he sings it, I cry. I. Literally. Cry. I can't help it. Because when he sings Gary Allan's song 'Right Where I Need to Be' to me he REALLY means it. He would miss something that he really wanted to go to or had the responsibility to be at...just to be with me.

The next song...well...(blush)...Chris Young kind of says it all with 'Gettin' You Home'...and I DO have a little black dress...

Thompson Square has played a HUGE role in our relationship. He says 'Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinkin' About' reminds him that he forgets to do things sometimes because he's thinking about me.

This song I had never heard of until he wrote it to me a few weeks ago. I love Paul Brandt but his song 'When You Call My Name' is virtually unknown, unless you're from Canada. I'm in love with it now.

I have loved this song FOREVER! Rick Trevino's 'I Only Get This Way With You' is so romantic! I'm glad he only gets that way with me!

And, of course, our song. The song that made him want to marry me in June. The song he proposed to me with. Thompson's Square's 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?' will always be our song. The song that makes him look at me and smile.

Thanks for looking at the list. I hope everyone's Valentine's Day is as wonderful as mine. May you hear a song that brings a good memory to you in YOUR heart.






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