Both 2020 and 2021 were those years that we would instead not remember because of how emotionally and physically taxing they were on just about everyone with a beating heart. Some spent holidays away from those they loved, while others did everything in their power to get thru a workday.

But if you sat down to think about all the good that happened in those years, I genuinely believe you can find happiness in so many memorable moments, sometimes it's just easier to see the darkness, and I'm also guilty of that.

I found 12 pictures that perfectly describe my 2021; check them below.

Check Out 2021 Thru Kristi Marie's Eyes In Just 12 Pictures

January - The kick-off to 2021 was pretty quiet, so we decided to celebrate our son Logan who's Birthday falls on February 2nd a week early, and took him, our girl B, and our nephew Connor Ice Skating!

attachment-January - Logans Birthday

February - I celebrated one year in Radio by purchasing myself a new car & let me tell you my sweet Fancyyy has not disappointed.

attachment-February -Fancyyy

March - It was one of the more quiet months of 2021, but Logan did spend several days spending one on one time with me as I worked different events.

attachment-March - Logan spends the day at work with mom

April - My favorite month of the year, which I'm assuming is because it's my birthday month, was beyond fantastic when you have a group of ladies' friends like this one that throws you a birthday party: & order you a Fancy cake!

attachment-April- I turned 32

May -  "I belong in a Castle" is probably the most accurate statement ever, so I spent the first week in May celebrating my first trip to Disney World!

attachment-May- First trip to Disney

June - Was a sad and exciting time; our daughter B Graduated from Middle School and officially became a Freshman in Highschool.

attachment-June- B Graduation

July - I was unexpectedly presented with the Presidents Club Award at work, and it made me realize all the hard work hasn't gone unnoticed.

attachment-July President's Club Award

August - We celebrated our sweet niece Bailey turning One!

attachment-August - Baily turns 1

September - September was all about singing bright, and that is exactly what we do as a team at Townsquare Media!

attachment-September - Shine Bright!

October - A lot happened in October, but my favorite was taking my kids, Logan & B, on a road trip for their first trip to Fryeburg Fair!

attachment-October - First trip to Fryeburg Fair

November - Brought my favorite event of the whole year, our 3rd Annual Camp Out Hunger food drive. As a community, we made sure Central Mainers didn't have to choose between food and other essentials.

attachment-November- Camp Out Hunger

December - I watched my gorgeous daughter B turn into a classy young lady as she got all dolled up for her very first Highschool Homecoming dance.

attachment-December - B Homecoming

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