According to the CDC teens consistently have the lowest rate of seat belt use. This along with an increased overall approach to safety has prompted Chevrolet to develop and implement an industry first feature aimed squarely at teens to increase seat belt use.

Chevy's new feature actually prohibits drivers from shifting out of park until their seat belt is fastened. It's called the "Buckle to Drive" system which includes several types of alerts. In order for it to run, Teen Driver mode has to be activated. Expect it to be standard in the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse, Malibu and Colorado models.

CLICK HERE to read about all the features of Chevy's Teen Driver Technology which includes several safety features such as automatic muting of the radio until the driver and front passenger's seat belts are buckled. Parents can set speed limits and the system even creates reports that track several metrics including how many times the safety systems was activated.

Don't expect the kids to be as excited over these features as you may be. Now, what about that cell phone text scrambling technology?

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