Over the next week, millions of Americans will be traveling for the Christmas holiday.  While many will be hopping a flight to their destination, just as many will be taking to the roads in their personal vehicles.

As you make those final travel plans, you may be wondering what the weather is going to be like.  Will you be blessed with sunny skies?  A little snow?  Or will you be driving into a repeat of Monday's storm?

As of Tuesday, December 19,  it looks like that trip to the in-laws will be an easy one.  However, you may run into some nasty weather on the way home.

According to Weather.com, the entire region will see great weather on both Saturday and Sunday.  Mostly sunny skies and, depending on where you are, temperatures in the mid-30s to the mid-40s.

Christmas Day should be about the same.

Rémi Jacquaint, Unsplash
Rémi Jacquaint, Unsplash

What about the trip home?

Well, if you plan to make the return trip on the day after Christmas, AKA Boxing Day, your trip should be a fairly smooth one.  It will be a little cooler, and a lot cloudier, but there shouldn't be any precipitation.

If you plan to hang out at the in-laws for a few days, you may have to deal with some weather on the way home.  Weather.com is calling for a rain/snow mix on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  On the plus side, it is going to remain warm.  That means there is a good chance it is going to be more rain than snow.

If you are hitting the road for the Christmas holiday, please be safe and have fun.

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