Last Thursday, The Capt. Mackintire Tugboat collided with another vessel and sank in 158 feet of water about 3 miles off the coast of Kennebunkport. Now, today the Coast Guard is planning to send a camera down to see if the cargo, barrels of fuel, are worth salvaging. A spokeswoman for the Coast Guard says, after the camera goes down, a dive team will venture to the Mackintire to evaluate the integrity of the vessel to see if there are any possible pollution issues.

According to the Coast Guard, the Capt. Mackintire was being towed to Maryland by another tugboat, the Helen Louise, late last Wednesday when the boats collided. No one was on board the Capt. Mackintire and two crewman on the Helen Louise were not injured. The Coast Guard tried to tow the Capt. Mackintire to shore but it began taking on water so they had to cut the line. The Capt. Mackintire was said to be carrying 8 44 gallon fuel tanks on board and had 4400 gallons of fuel in its tank.

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