Who doesn't love ice cream? Now what if you could whip up a bowl of ice cream and a bunch of other frozen treats on your counter top in 90 seconds? Sounds like heaven right? Maybe it will be.

To fill in the whole picture for you, lets look at this years star attraction at the Consumer Electronics Show, which was virtual this year, and instead of all the sprawling booths in Vegas, we could all sit back and watch on our computers what was to come in the world of electronic "things".

Introducing....the ColdSnap

Now the cool thing about this machine is unlike traditional ice cream machines, the ColdSnap just requires you to open the top, plop in a small aluminum can, kinda like a ice cream Keurig, press the button and in 90 seconds you are richly rewarded with frozen nirvana!

According to the ColdSnap website, inventor Matthew Fonte got the idea for the machine while hanging out with his daughters one day. If you are a tech or gadget type person, the behind the scenes info on how the ColdSnap works is by removing heat from the pod, which creates a cooling effect. Then, a small part inside the pod churns the mixture. Air gets sucked in to help fluff things up. Then 90 seconds later, you’ve got ice cream, or frozen yogurt, or frozen ice coffee, or...the yummy list goes on.

Word has it the machine won't need cleaning, you simply recycle the aluminum can like you would a soft drink can. Keep in mind this is still in prototype mode so you can just run down to Target and pick one up just yet. There is suppose to be a few different models and speculation has them priced pretty hefty at $500 and up...perhaps it can be an investment, show this to your boss and tell them you need it for the office...it may even increase productivity..but I can't prove that.

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