Despite some of the stories we have heard in the media over the last few years, we need to remember that the vast majority of law enforcement officers are amazing people who just want to make a difference in our communities.

This story is proof of that,

According to WJAR TV, recently, a police officer from the Warwick, Rhode Island police department mowed the lawn of an elderly woman because she was unable to find a landscaper.

On May 21st, Officer Matthew Caradimos performed a wellfare check on a 73 year old woman after noticing her lawn was overgrown.

First, he knocked on the door of the homeowner, but nobody answered.  After that, he knocked on the doors of a few neighbors and found out that the 73 year old woman was okay, but that she was not able to mow the lawn herself.  And, she was unable to find a landscaper to take care of her lawn.

A short time later, Officer Caradimos pulled someone over for running a stop sign.  As he was speaking with the motorist, he got an idea.  He let the guy off with a warning, but borrowed his lawnmower and used it to mow the elderly woman's lawn.

The homeowner said that, when she realized what the officer was doing, she started to cry.

All of us here at the radio station want to say thank you to all of our law enforcement officers for all they do.

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