Anyone who has had kids knows that losing things comes with the territory however this tale is filled with adventure as a real life Toy Story which played out at a Home Depot in New Hampshire.

According to story on workers at the Plaistow NH Home Depot were able to reunite a lost Woody doll with its rightful owner...but only after some creative social media posts.

The facts: a lost Sheriff Woody doll was found in the parking lot of Home Depot last week.

The objective: Gotta get Woody home for Christmas, some how reunite said Woody doll with the owner.

The tactic: Stage amusing photos with the cowboy throughout the store, share them on social media, and hope that they spread far enough to catch the attention of a parent.

The first batch of “Woody’s Home Depot Adventures” posted on Facebook and it looks like Woody has has been quite busy, From the look of things he may give up law enforcement for a life in home improvements. Evidence was taken of the sheriff mixing paint, cutting lumber, working the service desk, and sanitizing work stations, complete with a tiny orange apron.

Other evidence shows the cowboy cutting down a miniature Christmas tree, riding a toy horse, and even engaging in games of hide and seek throughout the store which were revealed to the public in a  follow-up post.

Low and behold, a break in the case....the mother of Woody’s owner saw the photos on Facebook and knew it belonged to her toddler Desmond, According to WBZ

"his father Jason said that they were sure it was the right doll because of his missing hat, and because they had been to that Home Depot recently."

Always nice to see a happy ending, especially this year!


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