Dave Portnoy in Portland, Maine

It's safe to say there has been no more polarizing event in recent history in Portland than Dave Portnoy's recent stop to review a bunch of different places.

What started out as his usual One Bite Pizza Reviews on a few Portland pizza places quickly went viral after an employee at OTTO Portland literally stole the show by not just excitedly shouting from behind the counter at Dave (like any teenager who meets someone they see as a big celebrity would do), but also promoting Pizzaiolo as being better than OTTO.

Which, naturally, every Mainer ever had something to say about and the jury is still out on whether or not Maine blew the entire situation out of proportion or not.

However, if Mainers react the same way as they did with the OTTO review as Dave's most recent lobster roll review, it may not necessarily be blown out of proportion in this case. Because during the review, he took a bit of a swipe at the Maine style of lobster roll while eating at arguably the most popular spot in Portland to eat said lobster roll.

barstoolsports via Instagram
barstoolsports via Instagram

Dave Portnoy Reviews The Highroller Lobster Co. in Portland

After posting a couple of reviews of Portland pizza places that specialize in Sicilian-style pizza -- which is not in his preferred wheelhouse -- Dave seemingly decided to take a break and do as people from away do when they roll through Maine -- devour a lobster roll.

After asking where the best place in Portland to get one was, he settled on one of the most iconic spots in the state, The Highroller Lobster Co. on Exchange Street. However, admittedly not knowing much about lobster rolls, he ended up ordering two different rolls -- a cold, mayo-covered Maine-style roll, and a warm, butter-covered Connecticut-style roll.

barstoolsports via Instagram
barstoolsports via Instagram

The review could've just been a simple, "I prefer the warm roll" followed by him dropping his ratings for both and then moving on, but that's also not Dave's style and what makes him so captivating.

So after complimenting the Maine roll that he sampled first, he decided to go into a deep monologue about not understanding how anyone would ever prefer something cold over something warm, bragged nonstop about the Connecticut-style roll, before finally dropping his rating and naming himself as the new face of the Maine flag.

It's been real, Dave. It's been fun. But tourist season is over, so, safe travels.

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