If you don't feel like flying 3,000 miles away to California Wine country, how about making the trek to Warren, Maine in Knox County. There, you'll find Oyster River Winegrowers, a small winery that Food & Wine magazine has put their ciders on their list of the best in the country. Describing their Wildman Cider as "bursting with an unexpected mix of citrusy and spicy flavors."

They use no chemical pesticides or fertilizers on their grapes, and the harvesting is all done by hand. Tastings take place on the farm during the season which lasts between May and October. Which means you have something to look forward to for next year.

Oyster River Winegrowers is located at 929 Oyster River Rd., Warren, Maine. You can find them throughout the United States in these stores. Or, you can join their wine club here. Learn more on their website or on Facebook.

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